Scam EAs

Few of the sites were found to be scams. They offer you as per their website the most efficient EA’s on land which they claimed to work. If you notice, you can really find the Eas to be working on a demo account with prices range around USD 2000.
scam EA
Be careful with these. Most of them also may show that their EAs seemed to be working but the truth is, they just know how to manipulate so that whenever you will try it in a demo, it would look profitable.

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Some of these website are the ecnfxrobot, fxrobot-mam, scalpingrobot, 4xsamurai, arbitrageviewer. You can check if it by using arbitrage viewer which you can get for $500. You can also use this help you select the broker you can use.

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Scalper EA Review

As for the success of Scalper EA on live accounts, I cannot say a thing for the moment as I have not used it yet on real accounts. What will I say is my few encounters with this EA.

Several scalpers doesn’t trade using Scalper EA as they got a hard time to transform this EA to work on a 3-4 digit pairs. Although it can be used to the 5 digit broker, there are still some currency pairs as USD/JPY or the JPY/EUR to have the 3 digits and this scalper cannot trade with anything under 5 digits. Although they admit that it performed well on all pairs and also if you want to be more successful in this ea, use this more often as it does not trade that often.

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It was said to have a high probability with few operations to make. Sounds good to use. It has a version 5. They recommend to use Armada Markets as the broker they have LMAX connection with a remarkable low spreads.

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Stock Market Science and Technique Course by Richard D Wyckoff Download

One of the extremely successful stock market trader is Richard D. Wyckoff together with his strategies which have withstood the test of time. His strategies are still effective today as they were 75 years ago.
The Course he developed called the Richard D. Wyckoff Course in Stock Market Science and Technique will teach technical traders how to read the market and know when professional traders buy and sell.

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As Wyckoff students then, you will learn how to analyze the price movement and volume and discover all about stock and how to play it. Among of the things you need to know from him are Wyckoff Wave, Wyckoff Market strategies by visiting Craig’s corner take time to listen Bob Evan’s timeless lectures to help Wyckoff students succeed more in market traders. The entire course comes with a 594 MB and contains 24 mp3, 21 Word Documents and 17 PDFs.

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Pro Trader Complete FX Course Review

Pro Trader Complete FX Course is one a must for traders who would want to go beyond the basics and acquire a much deeper knowledge and that one would appreciate the world of Forex and Trading. You can get a deeper and clearer edge over the fast increase in number or retail traders in the world of trading. It is a result from from an extensive planning to come up with a vigorous design in which to make Forex broke down into simpler concepts so that it can be easily absorbed by traders who would want to understand the complexity of trading ForEx. Knowing the understanding the world of Forex can be self taught through your own experience of losing and winning, but this course will do that for you, thus, saving you from unnecessary losing a hundred or even a thousand of dollars.
This course is complete that tackles everything one professional trader must know from practicals knowledge to masterful insights of the Forex Market which you cannot find anywhere else.

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A great way to learn and become a professional trader yourself. A great opportunity and this can guarantee that you will have your own way from a course a better and a well informed currency trader. I say this is a must for all you out there who would want to be a professional trader one day.

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Matrix System Advanced Review

I found some interesting System, it’s called Matrix System Advanced. The template is not displaying the CCI at the bottom for some reason that I don’t know. It can be used in a 15min template. The template was great and so smooth even on a 1Hour timeframe.
The chart shown can make you understand between the fresh entry and reentry are fresh yet risky. It was noted however that you can switch the cci filter to true in the matrix and that it wont generate signal until the cci crosses the level or the +/- (90). You can’t take the signal if it was generated too late so all you got to do, is to wait for the next one. If you want to see a bigger chart for this, you can always use the 1 hour timeframe. Some examples are when you can find a price ranging to pivot and a bigger movement will be on a one hour breakout.

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I know that its a good system as it looks great but it seems I cannot fairly understand the rules that well. If I post a 5min on a EUR/USD chart, the chat with green dashed vertical lines for UP Signals and the short signals will be the red ones. As soon as the live signals are there, and the lines for takeprofit and stoploss and the price reached the target, I am not really sure where the signals were. Also, I can find some inconsistency between the first chart with alarm which the ADX stay out but then keep the trend in place. Also, one thing I notice with this system is in shows many indis which can make you confused at times in making decisions. The system was good but maybe making the system more simple would be better.

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Great Indicators For Download

A number of great indicators are being introduced, and they don’t repaint. Pointzero, RK-ml-RSI with EMA 3 on 1 H chart can make miracles. There are also Zero Lag MACD, ZeroLag Stochastic. Testing for these great indicators turns out to be great as well according to some professional traders as well.
Excellent Indi
Other traders made some tweaks to make these indicators do their job well especially on the 123 funyoo indicators which really at it’s best on the market. This marke The RSI 5 with EMA 3 should be used in 4 hour setting for 1 hr timeframe chart. The RS15 can almost be one of the repainting indi if the upper timeframe candle will revert back. One can notice this if they would refresh everything.

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Now you wonder why it looks perfect in a backtest, it is so because the tester will only see the higher timeframe with closed candle statistics. There are indicators which are not standalone, meaning you may need 3 to 4 or even more indicators for your system to work.  You can modify them according to your own preference. You may leave some thoughts. You are most welcome.

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PipBoxer Trading System Overview

You can find a dedicated forum for the results of this PipBoxer Trading System wherein the developer will be there to assist you and update you on any development. PipBoxer is fully automated and has it’s own risk management and money management tools.
Though this is not for free as they report their live trades statement online where there are discussions made online and those that are unnecessary are being filtered. But as an introductory to the ForexFactory members, it was made free for them. The system went thru several changes until it became a great system, that’s when they decided to turn it into a commercial product. Because of this, the developer of the said system had enough financial support that made can make him update the system for the benefit of all it’s purchasers.

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They brag on the number of their customers that comes from around the world of 40 countries to be exact. Their system is transparent that their customers can easily view their repots. They also give unlimited demo so you can try it’s demo as long as you want as their demo can actually give you a good picture of the whole system.

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Phil Newton’s Price Action

If you are interested with this trading strategy using Unlike any other traders who would simply say that you can easily make a fortune here in trading in just 5 mins per day trading. But, Phil will help you together with the other trading gurus to guide you for you to become a successful trader.
phil newton.
He will provide you with the relevant information and strategies in trading with mental abilities for you to be well informed as it is a very important factor in making trading decisions to maximize business potential as you will be well informed.

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A lot of traders find their website very informative and excellent, including it’s forums. I can’t say that you would appreciate it, as much as I appreciate it as we all have individual preferencies and you can always choose a strategy that can suit you. But I really found it helpful as I go thru learning and as I educate myself with trading and also, there are less spoilers I can find on their forums. A great environment for someone like me who have no expertise in this field. Danger in the forums where there are a lot of spoilers are I might tend to believe in them.

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Turning An Indicator Into An EA

A great indicator can be turned into a great expert advisor. If the indicator does not repaint, it’s a good start. If you got a problem with this custom indicator folder like you can’t find it everytime you attach it to the chart, you just have to open the meta editor to compile it. If it doesnt work, you just need to restart the MT4.
no repaint
Having it tested over 5 pips 2M Renko Charts, it was not bad at all. This indi is the newest version of Forex Super Signal 30 (FSS 30) system. If you are not a coder, you can use a software to turn this indi into an EA. There is also a software to import the indicator and one must need an mq4 for it. Even the most experienced coder will want to take a look what this indicator all about, or how it works so that work it out better. Also remember to filter the indicator so that your EA would not turn out into a crap.

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This indicator is not for scalping so never use it there. The code is not an MA cross, so this can be used in a different strategies. Nobody claimed that this indi is the best one out there, but still it all depends on how you use them. Try using this on a 15 M time frame, with all the bells and whistles. Just like any indicators, success will still depend on the trader and not to the indicator. One should be able to know the limitations and how these indicators can be used in its full potential.

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